New York Connect

The New York Connect Data Center provides the physical environment necessary to keep your servers up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The facility is designed with raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems, and seismically braced racks. They offer the widest range of physical security features, including smoke detection and fire suppression systems, motion sensors, and 24x7 secured access, as well as video camera surveillance and security breach alarms.

Within these facilities, we are able to deliver the highest levels of reliability through a number of redundant systems, such as multiple fiber trunks coming into each Data Center from multiple sources, fully redundant power on the premises, and multiple backup generators.

New York Connect combines around-the-clock systems management with onsite personnel trained in the areas of networking, Internet, and systems management. The result is a physical and technical environment affording customers the reliability and flexibility necessary to outsource their mission-critical Internet operations.


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