Microsoft Outlook Express Email Setup

Creating a new Email account group
 Click on Tools button on top, select Accounts ...  (Fig. 1)


When Internet Accounts window pops up, click on Mail Menu then click on Add button on the right side. (Fig. 2)


Type in your real name then click Next.  (Fig. 3)   *note* you can type in anything you want to identify yourself.


Enter your Email address then click Next.   (Fig. 4)


E-mail Server Names window, (Fig. 5)

My incoming mail server set to POP3
Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server:  type in
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:  type in
Click Next when your done.


Internet Mail Logon window(Fig. 6)

Log on using:   should be dotted
POP account name:  type in your user name
Password:  type in your pass word
Click Next when your done.


Friendly Name window,  You can type in anything you want to recognize the email folder.   By default it's  (Fig. 7)    Click Next when your done.


Choose Connection Type window,    I will establishmy internet connection manually   should be dotted    (Fig. 8)    Click Next when your done.


Click on  Finish on next window and your DONE!!

Enjoy surfing the net !!!
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