Windows NT PPP/Dialup Setup

This tutorial will explain how to setup dialup networking on the Windows NT platform.

Core Installation

The components necessary to install dialup networking on the Windows NT platform are TCP/IP and Remote Access Service (RAS). Both of them can be found in the Network section of the Control Panel (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel ->). Here's how to locate them and install them if necessary:

Dialup Networking: The First Steps

Now that TCP/IP and RAS is installed, you can now proceed to dialup networking. To go there, go to My Computer -> Dialup Networking.

When you are there, you should see the following screen:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 01

To proceed, press the New button and the following screen should appear:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 02

This screen asks for the name of the new phonebook entry. For a nyct connection, we recommend you put New York Connect so that it is easily recognized for future reference. Press next when done and the following screen pops up.

Windows NT Setup: Screen 03

A list of options appear and you should check all of them, which include: Press next when finished and the next screen appears:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 04

99% of the time, you will be dialing in with a modem, please select the modem that you use. If it is not currently installed, please consult your modem manual for installation instructions. Proceed to the next screen:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 05

Here, you will enter in the phone number you wish to connect to our office. Please call (212)293-2620 for appropriate numbers. Please press next for the following:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 06

This screen appears and will ask for the protocol you wish to use. The protocol you will be using is Point-to-Point (PPP) Protocol. Press next for the next screen:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 07

You will be asked if you wish to use a script to connect. You will not need one to connect, so keep it on none and press next:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 08

This screen is for IP addresses. Our servers on our side will assign you your IP address. You will not have to enter in any information so you can press next:
For Information on Static IP Addresses: Call (212)293-2620

Windows NT Setup: Screen 09

This asks you for IP addresses of a DNS server and a WINS server on our side. You will only need to enter in the DNS address of You can now press next again:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 10

This screen indicates you are finished with the basics of the setup. You can now press finish.

Dialup Networking: The Next Steps

In Dialup Networking, highlight the phonebook entry you just created and press the edit button. Click on More... then Edit Entry and Modem Properties and the following screen appears:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 11

There should be nothing you have to change here, so please click on the Server tab:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 12

Please make sure the following options are enabled: Click on TCP/IP Settings next:

Windows NT Setup: Screen 13

The only options that you should touch are the settings under Specify name server addresses That's all, you can press OK and then press OK again under the dialup networking screen.

Dialup Networking: Finishing Up

You are now finished with setting up your computer for dialing up. Press Dial in Dialup Networking using the name of the phonebook entry you created. It will ask you for your username and password, where there is an option to save your password. Do not fill in anything for the domain field. Leave it blank! When you are finished, press Connect and you will then be able to proceed online!

Thank you for using New York Connect
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